The Fondo Nazionale dell’Abitare Sociale (FNAS) was founded by CDP Real Asset SGR S.p.A. on the 5th December 2016.

Type: closed-end property investment fund reserved for professional investors pursuant to Art. 6, paragraphs 2-quinquies and 2-sexies, of the Consolidated Law on Finance and the related implementation decrees, as well as to non-professional investors who can subscribe to units of reserved funds pursuant to Art. 14, paragraph 2, of the Ministry of Economy and Finance Decree of 5 March 2017 No. 30.

Mission: FNAS invests in property investment funds, focused on housing sector and community services in the following, in particular: (i) "sustainable living" initiatives aimed at guaranteeing housing continuity over the the life cycle of individuals; (ii) urban regeneration and redevelopment projects; (iii) spaces to promote research, technology transfer, innovation, education and cultural diffusion.

Amount: €100 million.

Duration: 35 years, plus any extension not exceeding five years.

Scope of action: Italian Republic.